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#6286: Directories filtered by member roles
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Changes (by boonebgorges):

 * milestone:  Awaiting Review => Future Release


 Yes, absolutely. Thanks for opening the ticket.

 Some initial considerations and questions:

 - Should we prefer URLs like `/members/foo/` or just `/foo/`? `/foo/` is
 going to require a different kind of page-routing logic, because it's top-
 level. `/members/foo/` is going to require that we check for username
 - If we go with `/foo/`, the natural thing would be to have user pages at
 `/foo/username/`, but this is going to raise all sorts of other problems.
 Maybe at first, best to stick with `/members/username/` for individual
 user profiles.
 - It may be easier, at a first pass, to implement with a querystring:
 `/members/?member_type=foo`. And in fact, in light of potential movement
 to rewrites, it might be best to do this under the hood in any case. That
 is, `/members/foo/` would translate behind the scenes to
 `/members/?member_type=foo` - maybe we could even use a `WP_Query` query
 var for it, even though we're not using rewrite rules elsewhere.
 - Presumably this will be toggleable with a `bp_register_member_type()`
 argument. WP has `has_archive`. We could do the same. Or perhaps
 `has_directory`? I suppose this would take a boolean `false` to disable, a
 boolean `true` to have the slug default to the member_type string, or a
 string to use a custom slug.
 - What effect does this have on menu navigation? Perhaps, by default, we
 should have a dropdown/flyout underneath Members that shows each member
 - Ideally we would have nice in-page navigation - maybe AJAX powered? - to
 filter by member type when looking at a directory. Perhaps this is best
 left for another ticket, though.

 This would pair nicely with #5192 for 2.3. If anyone wants to contribute
 ideas or patches here, it'd help move us forward.

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