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#6285: Groups for specific member roles
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 I don't think you meant to remove my subscription to this ticket. So have
 added it back.

 > Would it make certain groups invisible to certain member types?

 > Would it force group membership?
 No. There might be a usecase for this, but perhaps more suitable for a

 > How does one build a UI for such a thing?
 I was thinking of a very simple UI. By default all groups are for all user
 On the Edit Group page there could be a box with checkboxes for User Roles
 (somewhat like WordPress lists Categories in case of Pages or Posts).
 After #6161 is implemented, this should be among bulk edits as well.
 If no user roles have been selected for a group then the group is for all
 user roles, i.e. all selected = none selected.

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