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#6071: XProfile superfield
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 I like the ideas proposed here.

 Because of the way XProfile field data is currently stored, I'm not highly
 confident how exactly we would store the information for user-definable
 multi-fields. Maybe in `bp_xprofile_meta` linking the `field_id` to an
 `object_id` & `object_type` with a `meta_key` that helps identify each
 sub-field and its value? The problem with this approach is those values
 not appearing in search results unless we somehow combine them into
 `bp_xprofile_data`'s `value` column.

 I agree with Boone's assessment that once we are satisfied with where to
 store the data and how to introduce the UI elements (both in wp-admin and
 in bp-legacy) that everything kinda would/should/could fall into place
 pretty quickly.

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