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#6258: Update supported WordPress versions
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > We allow IDE's to dictate filenames (#6051) so why not identify and cut
 out unrealistic integration tests?

 The change to filenames is ultimately to save developer time and headache.
 If the only reason for changing WP requirements is to eliminate robot time
 and headache, I'm firmly against it.

 As soon as supporting legacy versions of WP starts to require a
 discernible amount of developer effort, I think we should consider
 dropping support for those versions. But, realistically, how much time
 does any member of this team spend thinking about older versions of WP,
 when doing BP development? The introduction of `date_query` into Activity
 would have been one such case, but my guess is that it rarely happens.

 If we insist on systematically bumping WP requirements, we should be far
 less aggressive. Maybe something like this: at the beginning of each major
 dev cycle, figure out which major WP version was current 12 months ago. In
 this case, it would be 3.8. We do a gut check against WP's stats page to
 make sure that usage number for versions < 3.8 is low enough to drop
 official support - we could use the 5% number that johnjamesjacoby
 suggests here. If we decide that it's droppable, then the first thing we
 do during the cycle is bump to that version in readme.txt. This gives
 developers the whole dev cycle to make any necessary changes.

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