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#5911: Improve user feedback in Group's invite screen.
 Reporter:  imath        |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  2.2
Component:  Theme        |     Version:  2.0
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Comment (by imath):

 Well, as the complete template part is reloading each time you click on a
 checkbox, it's the simplest i've found ;)

 Trying replicating BP Default behavior gave me this :
 For example, let's say i have 2 friends A & B. A has already required a
 membership. I click on the checkbox, as the {{{#friend-list}}} selector
 doesn't exist you need to create it (which is not a problem) so the li
 element appear in the main-column with the message 'Sending an invitation
 will automatically add the member to the group'. If you click right away
 on the send invites button: it's ok, but if you click on checkbox B, then
 the template reloads and the li element for A is not there anymore. I
 guess the same kind of behavior would happen with the case of a friend
 already invited by another one as in BP Default it simply append the li
 element with no extra message.

 I think we could store in a js var the 'response', then create an event to
 trigger from {{{bp_filter_request()}}} if it's an invite request and we
 could eventually catch this event and prepend the js var into the friends
 But in the case of a friend already invited by another user we would need
 to leave uncheck the corresponding checkbox. Because if we want to be
 consistent and have it checked, then if the user changes his mind and
 click again on this checkbox, then the invite is deleted which in this
 case is not good because it means a user deleted the invite of another

 I'm not sure to be clear:
 A invited B
 C invite B > the li element could be appended
 but if the checkbox is checked and C uncheck it, then B is no more
 So A is sad :(

 ( maybe we could check for inviter_id  before deleting an invite btw )

 So, i found it weird to have a li element on the screen and the checkbox
 not checked. On the other hand i have no problem with the unchecked
 checkbox if a message is informing me why ;)

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