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#5644: Activity Favorites: alternative management & new features
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     Type:  enhancement            |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                 |   Milestone:  2.2
Component:  Activity               |     Version:  2.0
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Thanks for getting this conversation moving again.

 > Rename the existing "favourite" button to "bookmark".
 > Add a new "like" button to the Activity component.

 I'm not convinced that it's wise to try to do both. I think it's too
 complex, and I think that very few sites will be interested in using both
 features. My opinion is the same as here
 https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5644#comment:19 - just change
 Favorites to Likes and forget about a bookmarking feature (leave it for a
 plugin). I could probably be convinced that the two features could coexist
 happily with the right UX mockups.

 > As a UI, core default needs to be incredibly simple. No JS, no fancy
 show/hide CSS. Enough markup to make fancying them up possible. We can
 ship with an example of how to extend the UI, but let's not spend too much
 time on what a bunch of avatars in a row looks like.

 I agree strongly with this principle, though I think we'll at least need
 to truncate very long lists of avatars (perhaps with a "...and 55 more"
 link that goes to the untruncated list on the activity permalink page).

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