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#5880: Group details update should be reflected in the activity stream
 Reporter:  boonebgorges  |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  2.2
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 Severity:  normal        |   Keywords:  has-patch
 See #5879 for a related enhancement (the patches partially overlap).

 When a user updates group details (Name and Description), it would be
 useful for that information to be reflected in the activity stream.

 This is a bit more complicated than it seems, so I've made a few decisions
 in the implementation, which are open for discussion:

 - The fact that we have a "Notify group members" checkbox when making
 changes suggests that there are two different kinds of details updates:
 those that are meaningful (eg, a group description is updated to reflect a
 committee's new mission statement) and those that are not (eg, correcting
 a typo). I've chosen to respect this checkbox when posting the activity
 item too.
 - In the spirit of #5879, the activity item will only really be of value
 if it contains the "from" and "to" name/descriptions. At first, I thought
 about putting this info into the activity 'content' field. However,
 putting it here means that it will be untranslatable. It really should go
 in the activity action, which has an infrastructure for on-the-fly
 translation (see #3856 r8125). That's what I've done here.
 - I found that including the "from" and "to" text when name *and*
 description was changed to be cumbersome. It's hard to find a good wording
 for this ("Boone updated the group Foo, changing the name from 'Bar' to
 'Foo' and the description from 'Old Description' to 'New Description'"),
 and the length gets to be too much in some cases. So, when both items have
 been changed, I just say: "Boone changed the name and description of the
 group Foo". When just the name/description are changed, I say "Boone
 changed the name of the group Foo from "Bar" to "Foo"".
 - In order to compile the action strings dynamically, the "from" and "to"
 values need to be stored (we don't keep revision history of group data).
 Moreover, this information needs to be available before the activity item
 itself is created, so that the activity action can be generated properly
 the first time around. I've chosen to do it like this: set a piece of
 groupmeta "updated_details_$timestamp" with the old/new name/description,
 and then use the activity $timestamp to look this info up at runtime.

 Feedback welcome.

 At the moment, we do not store revision history of this info, so the old
 details are lost and un

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