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#3590: Who's online widget quick to show me not online.
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     Type:  enhancement    |      Status:  reopened
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > If a DB table is dedicated for logged-in users only, it could be the
 basis for the desired result. Detail: LOGGING-IN means to write the member
 number into the "LOGGED-IN table", LOGGING-OUT means to remove the member
 number from the table.

 I don't think there would be much performance benefit to this at all. The
 way we currently query by last_active scales up pretty high without this
 kind of modification (and in fact, it works sorta similarly to what you
 suggest, except it's a "last_active" key in the activity table). If you
 had a proof of concept that showed that your suggestion was much more
 performant, I may be convinced.

 Still, I have to emphasize that this table would *not* represent
 *currently logged in users* - only users who have, at one time or another,
 logged in.

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