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#3590: Who's online widget quick to show me not online.
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 Hello, there!

 Thank you so much for your great work. Well i used to develope for other
 OSC projects and now have some ideas regarding the BuddyPress widget

 As we know, the WHOIS-ONLINE-WIDGET currently does not auto-refresh its
 content, so the already logged-out users are still shown to be online. So
 my suggestions/ideas:

 1. Include a time counter, refreshing/showing automatically the list of
 users, who are really online.
 2. Also include/add a form field to the WHOIS-ONLINE-WIDGET (settings) in
 ADMIN SECTION, to have the administrator set his own value (example: 5
 3. It would be great, if a mouse-over-effect could be included, that shows
 the “write a personal message”-link.
 4. OR: To show the AVATARS of online users with a batch or frame in
 different colour (manageable in ADMIN section) in the post-/comment
 -/users-list-area would be perfect.

 Thanks a lot for your reply!



 Please also see here: http://buddypress.org/support/topic/buddypress-

 Question: Where can i change the time value (5 minutes = 300000
 milliseconds) for the reload? Will it do the reload "inside" the widget
 (example: AJAX/JS or equal) or do i have to reload the page?

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