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Wed Oct 29 06:21:32 UTC 2014

#5970: Remove $filter variables holding hook names.
 Reporter:  tw2113                      |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement                 |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                      |   Milestone:  2.2
Component:  Core                        |     Version:
 Severity:  normal                      |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  needs-patch good-first-bug  |
Changes (by DJPaul):

 * keywords:   => needs-patch good-first-bug
 * milestone:  Awaiting Review => 2.2


 I think if this kind of change makes the documenting easier, then let's do
 it, as long as the overall filter names don't change, or the arguments
 passed to them.

 We could also make sure the complete action names (without variables) are
 contained within the documentation added, please, or at least nearby in a
 separate code comment, so people can find them easily when doing a "find
 in files".

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