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#5938: BP Activity Hooks Documentation
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Comment (by tw2113):

 From what I can tell, all that's left for the Activity component is `bp-
 activity-functions`, `bp-activity-notifications`, `bp-activity-screens`,
 and `bp-activity-template`. I have most of notifications done, though I
 have some spots that I'm not sure how to handle quite yet. The other 3
 should not be touched quite yet.

 Inside the `bp_activity_format_notifications` function, there are two
 places where the filter name is assigned to a variable and the variable is
 passed into the `apply_filters()` first param. How would you like me to
 handle that one? Put the docbloc above the `apply_filters()` line still
 and make note of the two possible filter names?

 I'm also not sure what is getting passed in as the $params array for
 `bp_activity_new_comment_notification`, so some help with that one would
 be appreciated to determine what type of data it holds.

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