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#5951: Add all BP tables to $wpdb
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 And that's the point. It's not consistent - some tables are available in
 `$wpdb`, others are not.
 I have a habit to use `$wpdb` to retrieve DB table names (which is good,
 imo). And now in custom queries where post types are mapped to some groups
 (so `wp_posts`, `wp_postmeta` and `wp_bp_groups` etc in 1 query) I need to
 use different approach in getting table names.

 I strongly believe, that:

 $data = $wpdb->get_results($wpdb->prepare("SELECT ... FROM {$wpdb->posts},
 {$wpdb->postmeta}, {$wpdb->bp_groups} WHERE ...", $data));

 looks better, than:

 $db_bp_groups = buddypress()->groups->table_name;
 $data = $wpdb->get_results($wpdb->prepare("SELECT ... FROM {$wpdb->posts},
 {$wpdb->postmeta}, {$db_bp_groups} WHERE ...", $data));

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