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#5928: add composer support
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 I'd like to add Composer support to BuddyPress.

 This would involve adding a JSON file into the root of /src/ (thus it
 would end up in a regular release, not just the dev SVN); it would contain
 pretty similar to info that our NPM package.json already has. Here's an
 example: https://github.com/markjaquith/WP-TLC-

 #WP23912 is a discussion about Composer support in WordPress core; the
 issues covered in that topic don't affect us, but that ticket's
 description is helpful to read.

 If we did this, once we have a release (because we want to use Composer
 with release versions), we can tell https://packagist.org/ about our new
 Composer support, which would allow someone to install BuddyPress by
 integrating with their own project/own site's composer.json (specifying BP
 as a package requirement). The easiest way to demo this is to install
 Composer and run a command like "composer require hyyan/logo-controller".

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