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#5887: Custom language file does not load in bp_core_load_buddypress_textdomain()
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Comment (by danbp):

 My point of view.

 akismet, as native WP plugin lives in wp-
 bbpress, as additionnal plugin, lives in wp-content/languages/bbpress

 buddypress, as additionnal plugin, should be in wp-

 For now, automated update affects wp-content/languages/plugins/buddypress-

 This must be cleared first:
 Are akismet, bbpress and buddypress plugins or are they so different that
 each one has his own direcory. If those plugin translation must be
 provided by the same automated process, it is also logic that they
 could/should/must be in the same directory.


 The other problem is the case of a custom translation who doesn't come
 from wp translate but who only use the pot file.

 So i think we must have a custom folder somewhere.

 This custom folder must stay intact to preserve a custom translation, but
 must receive the pot, like it was previously with /bp-

 Not every BP install is using a custom translation, but i think that
 responsible of such installs are aware of customization and know how to
 handle their work.
 The question is not how to use it, but where, to put this customization.

 My suggestion:
 with a priority of 1, and if empty/not exist, default to one of the
 adopted option.

 That way, people who want the default translation are automatically
 updated from glotpress and those who want a custom work, receive a pot in
 a dedicated custom folder where they can add their custom mo

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