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#5921: Add post to blog button: Enhancement suggestion for bp-blogs/bp-blogs-
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Thanks, lenasterg! I hadn't thought of this specific way of caching the
 values, but at a glance it seems like it should work fairly well. It'll
 still require `switch_to_blog()` for the cap checks, but at least the cap
 checks will only happen when we know that the current user is a member of
 the blog.

 If it turns out that your technique doesn't perform well, we might try
 messing with WP's `get_blogs_of_user()`, which I believe gets role
 information in a single query.

 Here's a simple technique to test the query overhead:

 - Add `define( 'SAVEQUERIES', true );` to wp-config.php
 - Put the following function somewhere (wp-config.php is fine):

 function debug_database_queries() {
     global $wpdb;
     echo '<pre>';
     print_r( $wpdb->queries );
     echo '</pre>';
 register_shutdown_function( 'debug_database_queries' );

 Run that before and after the patch. That'll give you a sense of how many
 queries are being introduced, and how that affects load time.

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