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#5918: About warning messages id/classes
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     Type:  enhancement                 |      Status:  new
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Comment (by SGr33n):

 If you agree absolutely proposing :) Anyway these are not the only
 messages we can show in that way, there are also messages shown on the
 next page, when the form is not handled via Ajax (like when editing
 profile fields - displayed in the item-header - ).

 This second type is handled on my theme.js removing the #message from its
 container and appending it to the body (otherwise it could not be shown at
 that dimension - percentage of the full window - and in that position).

         /* Manage error messages */
         if ( jq('div#message').length) {
                 jq('div#message').appendTo( 'body' );


 That part is missing in the uploaded patch file.

 Actually if you can merge this into the bp-legacy you could also consider
 to directly append these messages to the body, so we can skip the html
 manuplation part at all, or, at least, can show them in a standard place
 (e.g. after #buddypress).

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