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#6006: User Types API
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Comment (by imath):

 I've tested :)

 Very interesting work. But IMHO, it might be a bit "frustrating" for some

 So i can register user types, and go into the "Admin" extended profile to
 set a user to one of the types i've registered : very nice. I can see how
 to use this while building plugins but for regular users : it's a bit

 I've seen you are not using {{{get_terms()}}} but a specific
 {{{buddypress()}}} global to store and get the types. So when fetching the
 user types, we don't get the terms count. I think that's the kind of thing
 people would like to know : how many members are from this type ?

 Maybe it's a bit too early, i guess to get the count of 1 type you can do
 a BP_User_Query, but if i want to get the count of each type, you have to
 run as many BP_User_Query as there are types :(

 Without a loop parameter, i find it frustrating because to filter members
 by user types, you need to run the same query 2 times
  1. First to get the user ids to build the include args of
  2. and second when precisely the specific bp_has_members() loop is run.

 Finally i've quickly built a widget and used it in a subsite. It's working
 fine. But if i'm adding the same widget another time, i'm switching blogs
 2 times. Is there a way to avoid this ? Or maybe it's safer to switch
 blogs each time a BP Taxonomy function is used..

 Thanks a lot for this great work :)

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