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#6025: Add function to send single invitation
 Reporter:  dcavins      |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  2.2
Component:  Groups       |     Version:
 Severity:  normal       |  Resolution:
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Changes (by dcavins):

 * keywords:  needs-patch => has-patch


 This new patch modifies `groups_send_invites()` to use the new function
 `groups_send_invite_by_invitee()` internally.

 Adding a number of tests for those functions made me think about when
 these functions (and the functions they rely on) should return true or
 false. Here are the decisions that I made in this patch:

 * Returns false when the group or member objects don't contain ids.
 * Returns false when the submitted inviter_id doesn't match the recorded
 inviter_id in the groups_members db.
 * Returns true if the notification has already been sent, and we haven't
 specified resend.
 * If it completes, it returns the result of `wp_mail()`.

 * Returns false if the required parameters aren't provided.
 * Returns false if an invitation doesn't exist from that group to that
 * Returns true if `groups_notification_group_invites()` returns true and
 `$member->invite_sent` gets updated (or doesn't need to be)

 * Returns false if the inviter can't send invitations from this group
 * Returns true if all calls to `groups_send_invite_by_invitee()` return
 true, false if any fail

 I also modified `bp_groups_user_can_send_invites()` to accept a
 `$user_id`. (It previously only worked off the logged-in user id.) So I
 added a number of tests for it as well. (I'd like to apply a
 `bp_groups_user_can_send_invites()` check to `groups_invite_user()` as
 well. I think the check is happening in the template or js file, but it
 seems like it should happen at the point of recording the new invite.)
 Since I modified it, I figured I'd better write tests for it, too.

 Please let me know if these return values seem to make sense and are BP-

 Thanks in advance for your comments. (Especially about the new tests. I
 was hoping to cover the major cases, so let me know if I missed any,
 overdid it or just plain did it wrong.)

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