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#6009: Share fixtures across unit tests where appropriate
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 There are some complications to making `setUpBeforeClass()` work in our
 suite. This method (and `tearDownAfterClass()` must be called statically.
 This means that they must also call all testcase and factory methods
 statically. So the relevant methods will have to be defined as static.
 This in itself is not too big a deal, but `create_user()` in particular
 causes problems, because when static, a new factory will have to be
 defined for each call; and when that happens, the
 `WP_UnitTest_Generator_Sequence` objects are not persistent.

 For this reason, `create_user()` should be removed, and we should move
 that logic into our own `BP_UnitTest_Factory_For_User` which will extend
 the WP version to do our specific BP work. This has the added benefit of
 greater consistency in our tests.

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