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#6006: User Types API
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > I think we should figure out what a generic, core taxonomy class and
 helper functions would look like before delving deeper into user type

 Yeah, I referenced the group taxonomy ticket (though not by number) during
 the dev chat. I do think we should look toward common infrastructure for
 BP taxonomy - since all the concerns about blog-switching etc will be the
 same - but I also don't think we necessarily need to solve that general
 problem before we attack user types. Worst case scenario, IMO, is: we
 decide to do both this and #4017 for 2.2, and in 2.2 we reproduce some of
 the blog-switching logic in both classes because we're not confident about
 the best way to abstract it to be shared, in which case we just abstract
 it out in 2.3 or whatever. I don't think this would be a serious problem.
 Though TBH I think the `BP_Term` stuff is pretty good, and probably just
 needs some unit tests to be ready for use.

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