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#6006: User Types API
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Good points, johnjamesjacoby. Thinking about this a bit more,
 `BP_User_Query` doesn't actually reference the users table directly in
 most cases - it looks at the activity or xprofile table. See
 core-classes.php#L241. I think - though please correct me if I'm wrong -
 that we can depend on those tables being in the same database as the root
 blog taxonomy tables, at least in any HyperDBish setup.

 The two cases where it matters are: 'popular' (queries usermeta) and
 'alphabetical' when hitting wp_users. I think in these cases, we might
 need to do a separate query that gets dumped into an `IN` clause. The
 negative performance implications of this strategy could be largely
 mitigated by aggressively caching usertype data, which I think we can
 probably do in much the same way that WP caches term trees (see eg

 When I build the first rev of this, I'll try to take these cases into
 effect, and hopefully you'll be willing to put some eyes on them :)

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