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#6004: Move Avatar local management into new Attachments component
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Comment (by imath):

 boonebgorges - Thanks a lot for your great feedback. It's true it took me
 a while to put all this together and i really appreciate the words you
 used in your comment :)

 I've learnt a lot doing this work and it gave birth to 2 improvements in
 the group's navigation area so i'm not feeling like i would have done all
 this for "nothing". I think the most important is, as you said, to make
 the right choices about this feature and the users expectations. If this
 work confirms we shouldn't think about attachments as a component, it's
 really great too :)

 I knew "File" was a difficult object, since the BuddyDrive plugin : i
 think i kind of really don't like it :) But it's an object that is really
 really used by people and some are even using it to collaborate ;)

 ==== Attachments shouldn't be a component. ====

 I'd say it depends :)

 The only component IMHO that stands on its own is the member one. All the
 others are, at least, dependant of it.

 I agree, that each component Groups / Friends / Message, activities ..
 could use a core library to deal with files, just like it's the case in a
 way with avatars.

 But on the other hand, we would need a great search engine if we are
 choosing not to rely on a "central" component to organise all this. If i
 attach a file in a private message, and i want to see the file later on,
 i'll need to go in the message. Maybe i won't remember what message it
 was, etc..

 I believe an "Attachments" nav in the member's page would be interesting,
 i know that from there, i can find everything i shared and with what

 I agree we don't see this in the patch, because in this first step i
 focused on avatars (which is a file btw, maybe that's why i think of them
 as attachments to the member's component) so we don't need a nav yet ;)

 About "dependency issues: enabling Groups would mean that you'd need
 I see what you mean, because if we simply disable the option show avatars
 in WordPress, then in single group's header, Group Admins/mods become
 invisible :)

 Actually i think it's a problem belonging to the groups component. There
 shouldn't be any problem to use it without avatars.

 "And under what circumstances would someone ever need a UI to *turn off*
 attachment functionality?"
 My think about this, is:
 Some users might want to completely or temporarly disable uploads, some
 others to only disable avatar uploads for members, and other to only
 disable avatar uploads for groups... So i think we should have at least
 separate options for groups avatars and members avatars. If not an option
 to completely disable uploads :)

 Finally organizing features into components is in a way less risky, if
 something is wrong with one i'm able to keep on using BuddyPress without

 ==== We're doing too much. ====

 It's true i've deprecated a lot of avatar functions: so it's really risky

 ==== wp.media ====

 I think wp.media shouldn't be used on front end. But in backend it can be
 interesting to use it in order to be as close to WordPress backend UI. But
 i agree with most of what you said. Having a specific BuddyPress app would
 be great :)

 boonebgorges - "et merci infiniment d'avoir reconnu le travail" :)

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