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#5660: add parameter to bp_has_blogs filter
 Reporter:  needle       |      Owner:
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 My delight at seeing that #8042 adds the capability to filter fetched
 blogs with a list of IDs to include is tempered by the fact that
 `bp_has_blogs` filter does not pass the current query arguments as a
 parameter to the filter. This means that I cannot amend the existing query
 when I add a filter. The following would (almost) solve this:

 return apply_filters( 'bp_has_blogs', $blogs_template->has_blogs(),
 $blogs_template, $r );

 I say "almost", because `$r` is not fully populated in that it does not
 include the search string if it comes from `$_GET`. In my opinion,
 `bp_has_groups()` is exemplary in this respect.

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