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#5644: Activity Favorites: alternative management & new features
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 I brought this up in the dev chat and will do my best to summarise my
 points here a little more cohesively.

 I think this is a great feature, but I think it adds complication to a
 feature that means 2 things already. Favouriting has come to mean 2 things
 and we who use networks kind of assume this is accepted behaviour. This is
 a bad assumption and one that leads to confusion in new users and even
 sometimes ourselves.

 A good example is when someone favourites on Twitter. Do they like what
 you said? Do they want to save it for later as it’s a great link? Or is
 that both? I know I make that assumption usually based on who does it.
 This user I know uses it as a +1, this one I know is just saving it. How
 is this a good UX? We can't assume behaviour based on our assumptions.

 I agree that we should where possible use the conventions of networks.
 But, should we be bound to them so much that we take on their confusion?
 Just because Twitter jumped off a cliff should we, would we? :)

 In an ideal world I would propose we consider a bookmarking system and
 like system.

 Bookmarking: saving for later and categorising
 Liking: +1, good job!

 I think if we assume that favourites are always used for bookmarking we’re
 jumping to an assumption we shouldn’t with the UX.

 I really like the idea of bookmarking, of categorising those. I also know
 that having this and a like system is something a lot of communities are
 calling out for.

 Sorry to throw a bit of a spanner but I think it’s worth considering the
 UX a bit on this one. That way we can have something that does all this
 awesome functionality, doesn’t confuse and simply rocks.

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