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#5610: "Favorite" button, like comment, needs to be in any post too
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Component:  Core         |     Version:  2.0
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Comment (by imath):

 hi ronia

 Thanks for your feedback. On my local dev, if i have the Site tracking
 component active and the settings "Allow activity stream commenting on
 blog and forum posts" '''disabled''', each comment is displayed in the
 screen and i'm able to favorite them.

 If this setting is active, then since 2.0, there's a sync between the
 comment made on the post from the activity stream and the comments made
 directly from the blog post itself. And in the activity stream, the
 comments are "appended" to the post activity. Just like any comments made
 on an activity update for instance. And yes, in this config, i agree it's
 more complicated to favorite a comment but still doable. If you go to the
 user's profile activity page, you'll see that the comments are displayed
 individually in the user's stream and from this place it's possible to
 mark them as favorite.

 That said, i personally think we should keep this behavior :
 - favorite for comment if it's individually displayed in the stream
 - ! favorite if displayed appended to activity

 But IMO, the friends tabs should use a "stream" mode for comments
 (comments displayed individually), because these listings are not
 incorporating "all" comments made by a friend. Only the replies they made
 on a parent activity they posted are displayed.
 So if "stream" mode on friends tabs : it would be possible to favorite
 friends comment.

 Finally, favoriting a post/comment directly from the post itself is also
 something that i find interesting. I've been working on #5644 lately, and
 if this enhancement is committed, then "favoriting a post/comment directly
 from the post itself" is my next "target" to explore ;) My only fear in
 this part is UI..

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