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#5632: Use CPTs for status updates
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 I've been reading through old discussions about adopting CPTs (such as on
 http://bpdevel.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/custom-post-types-yesno/ or
 tickets such as [https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4017] and

 It's an old topic & the consensus seems to be that net/net there is not
 much aside from possibly Groups that would benefit from the transition.

 But from my perspective (making a bespoke site based on BP rather than
 making & selling customisable BP themes for a general audience) it seems
 that activity updates could usefully be transitioned. I'm not talking
 about the Activity component generally, I'm specifically referring to
 status udpates.

 When starting out with WP you learn that basically everything is a post
 (or a comment on a post). BP status updates are not.

 It's not new but I only came across P2 from automattic a few weeks ago,
 where status updates ''are'' just posts (via the front-end).

 If BP status updates were just posts (albeit CPTs), then commenting would
 already be integrated, you wouldn't need a parallel BP commenting system
 (and bridges between them), and developers wouldn't have to hack the
 output and CSS for two comment systems to make them look and work the

 Correct me if I'm wrong but it would make it more straightforward for
 developers to enable the oft-requested feature of media (even galleries,
 not just single embeds) in status updates than it appears to be at the
 moment, and you'd also benefit from any upstream enhancements in WP core.

 The activity of posting and commenting on updates would still be recorded,
 but the content itself wouldn't be stored in the activity table anymore,
 as per the current discussion on recording other CPT activity.

 I don't know what the performance implications are. It implies an initial
 query to retrieve the required ids from the activity table and a second
 query which retrieves the content for those ids, not sure if or how that
 is very different from what happens under the hood now.

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