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#5612: Let admin decide which xprofile fields link to search
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 BuddyPress automatically links all text in user profile fields between
 commas, e.g. See profile page

 In some cases this is pretty cool - if I want to find all female models, I
 can just click on '''Nő''' and that leads me to search results page

 However, there are cases where links are expected to behave differently,
 e.g. if I see a phone number linked ('''+3630/450-01-90''' on this
 profile), I expect there to be a {{{tel:}}} link behind it, not a link to
 search page for that telephone number

 The same would be true for emails (as a user, I'd expect {{{mailto:}}})
 and URLs.

 Further, sometimes, the linking is just weird and annoying, such as (in
 the same profile) '''Célom'''. Just because something is between commas
 (or is in the beginning of a paragraph and has a comma after it), does not
 mean it should be automatically searchable.

 With this in mind, it seems best that the admin of the site should have
 control over which fields shall be clickable to a search results page.

 To start off, textarea type xprofile fields may be made non-clickable by

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