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#5500: Custom xprofile field: Date of birth
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Thanks for the detailed request.

 IMO, this is too specific for a field *type*. Date of Birth might be of
 interest to many communities, but the underlying logic - a field that
 allows for date input, and can display it in a number of different ways -
 could be used for many other purposes.

 So, I'm going to propose that instead, we use this ticket to discuss ways
 of improving our existing Date field. I can imagine adding the following:

 - Show "time elapsed" instead of the date. This would be roughly
 equivalent to the "Age" feature requested above. So you'd enter "September
 4, 1934" and the display value would be, say, "80 years ago"
 - Options for which dates to show. Past only, present only, specific year
 - Time + date

 The stuff about restricting site membership based on age/DOB does sound
 useful, but I think it's pretty straightforwardly plugin territory. On the
 bright side, if we built an enhanced Date field type, extending this to
 cover Age more specifically would be extremely easy.

 What do you think?

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