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#5496: Friends/Members near me
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Changes (by boonebgorges):

 * milestone:  Awaiting Review => Future Release


 I'm a bit on the fence about this.

 On one hand, it's definitely a feature that would be useful to many sites.
 And the most basic parts would not be overwhelmingly difficult to build.
 And I have been frustrated in the past about the lack of really great BP
 location/mapping tools, to the extent that I've often thought of building
 some myself.

 But it quickly gets very complicated, and for that reason I think that
 this feature needs to remain plugin territory.
 - How is the data stored? In order to be useful (ie highly queryable) it
 would probably need its own database table, with columns for lat/long
 - We'd likely need to use an external service for converting natural
 language locations ("10010", "NYC", "New York, NY, USA") to lat/long.
 Aside from Akismet, we generally try not to rely on external services in
 - Likewise for the display of maps, which would be the next logical
 - I'd imagine we'd want to have some "fuzziness" operators, where one
 could enter one's general location, but not exact address (for privacy

 So, the expertise and resources that'd be required to build and maintain
 this, along with the fact that we'd need to use external services, make me
 think that this is plugin territory. But let's move it to Future Release
 on the chance that we decide that there are some aspects we can
 comfortably absorb within BP itself.

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