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#5483: Custom user url in BuddyPress and WordPress
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 The answer given here is pretty close to correct:
 http://stackoverflow.com/a/22695317 Actually, it seems like it's doing a
 bit too much; I don't think you really need to be filtering the
 activity_action etc (in any case, those values will be built dynamically
 starting in BP 2.0). The `bp_core_get_userid()` filter described there is
 probably intended to help with the page router in bp-core-catchuri.php,
 and seems like a reasonable hack.

 Beyond these two primary filters (bp_core_get_userid and
 bp_core_get_user_domain), I'm not really sure what we could do in
 BuddyPress that would respond to your request. Having a hardcoded option
 to use the numeric user ID seems to specific. And the two filters listed
 will let you swap out for arbitrary identifiable strings.

 If you have specific suggestions about how this process could be improved,
 it'd be great to hear them.

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