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#5462: Heartbeat API to loaded activities and comments
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 What about comments, I think instead of sending last ID, buddypress can
 send parent activities that are loaded. Then check if any new activity
 (with comments argument: stream) so get every activity on client side and
 loop over them. if this is parent, just append it, else if it is a comment
 append to its parent.

 So how this works in my mind )

 1) When loaded buddypress can save data attribute on `#activity-stream`
 `<div id="activity-stream" data-activities-loaded="2,4,5,7"></div>`

 2) send heartbeat with this data attribute

 3) `if (bp_has_activities( bp_ajax_querystring( 'activity' )  .
 '&display_comments=stream' ))`

 4) when received:
   if($(this).hasClass('activity_comment') {
      append to its parent
   } else {
      append to #activity-stream

 5) update `activities-loaded` attribute

 (data-activities should also be updated when `load_more_activity` happens.

 Maybe this adds a little overhead but definitely would improve user

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