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#5374: Administation screen to manage signups
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Comment (by imath):

 Replying to [comment:25 johnjamesjacoby]:
 > After updating to latest trunk on my local, I see no indication that
 this new feature exists. I purposely looked around the admin UI without
 looking into exactly how the code reveals itself, and couldn't find it.
 Any help? :)

 Thanks a lot for your feedback johnjamesjacoby. As boonebgorges replied,
 the Sign-ups Management screens are located in "Dashboard > Users >

 Once on the users page, you'll see the "Pending accounts" view. Above the
 WP_List_Table :
 All | Administrator | ... | Pending accounts

 But, this is a really interesting feedback. As i'm completely in it, i
 know where to manage signups, users might have the same difficulties
 you've experienced finding it.

 I've been thinking about it for a few hours. I'm not sure we should
 display the users submenu, or create a new menu for it.

 We could use the WP Pointer after the upgrade to tell the Admin "Signups
 can be managed here". Then i thought, it could be interesting to help the
 Admin find it when needed: "when new signups he's not aware of were
 created". So a bit like the comment bubble in the Admin bar, i suggest
 that in case of new signups, we display a specific bubble in the Admin bar
 with a link to directly access to the screen. See the image below (i'm not
 sure about the color, but we can't miss the bubble with this one ;) ).


 I've built a quick patch (5374.adminbar-bubble.diff) that checks every 6
 hours for signups that were created after the last time the Admin went on
 the signup Administration screen.

 What do you think of this suggestion ?

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