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#5296: Add tools for repairing relationships - Friend Counts
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Comment (by imath):

 Replying to [comment:16 boonebgorges]:
 > I'd like feedback on the Network Admin approach if anyone has a few

 Hi, this is my feedback :)

 On one hand, i agree that, on multisite, the best place for the
 "BuddyPress tools" is a submenu of a network tools menu.
 On the other hand, WordPress doesn't provide this menu. The problem is
 what happens if another plugin register such a menu / submenu feature for
 its needs ? We'll have two network tools menu ?
 I've watched tools.php on single config, there's a hook called
 {{{'tool_box'}}}, in an ideal world, i think WordPress should create a
 network-tools page with a specific hook let's say
 {{{'network_tool_box'}}}. Then, as WordPress seems to not need any tool in
 this area, it could check if the net {{{'network_tool_box'}}}
 {{{has_action}}} to display in case of false a message like no tools
 available. Else we would have the list of available tools generated by

 This brings me to my suggestion about the network, i think the
 "BuddyPress" available tools on multisite config is a bit "straight". I
 think if we are to do this, we should respect the markup of the tools.php
 Then we could create a specific hook let's say {{{'bp_network_tool_box'}}}
 into the function {{{bp_core_admin_available_tools_page()}}} in order to
 use it for our need and give an opportunity to plugin developers to also
 use it in case they need to.
 Finally, we could use the hooks {{{'tool_box'}}} and
 {{{'bp_network_tool_box'}}} to display an introduction of the BuddyPress
 tools in the same way WordPress does it for "Press this" & "Categories and
 Tags Converter". This introduction would then show on the "regular" and
 multisite tools pages.

 I'm not sure to be clear above, i'm attaching a "suggestion" patch
 5296.suggestion.patch that illustrates my feedback ;)

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