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#5414: Object cache all item counts associated with the adminbar
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Generally I would say to hardcode it with the justification "let's not
 make it any more complicated than it has to be". But in the case of cache
 invalidation, I do think it's helpful to have the items centrally located.
 When the time comes to debug problems with it (and the time will come!),
 it'll be easier to have it in a single place. So, where possible, let's go
 with the `add_action()` technique.

 That said, if you feel really strongly about it, go ahead and hardcode it.
 My preference here is very very slight. I'll just be sure to call you
 first when the bug reports roll in and it's time to write unit tests :)

 One suggestion (and this is something that could use improvement
 throughout). The callbacks end up effectively being wrappers for the
 `wp_cache_delete()` call. If we're going to have the wrapper in virtue of
 using the callback technique, we may as well use that wrapper elsewhere.
 So, keep `bp_groups_clear_invite_count_for_user()` as is, and then use it
 in the other two functions. (This'll make it easier if we want to make
 cache groups dynamic at some point in the future.)

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