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#5434: Improvements to object caching in bp-activity
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Comment (by aaclayton):

 I'll try to keep digging, but I'm 100% sure it's a caching related issue.
 When I retrieve activity comments from `wp_cache_get( $activity_id,
 'bp_activity_comments' )` in the get_activity_comments function it is
 pulling a cached set of comments which does not include new comment
 submissions. If I replace this line with `$comments = false;` to bypass
 caching the issue is resolved.

 I verified this on some of the default WordPress themes for my
 installation, so it's not a theme-specific issue.

 The problem seems to be happening in the bp_activity_new_comment()
 function. I've looked at the source and `wp_cache_delete( $parent_id,
 'bp_activity_comments' );` should be invalidating that cached entry, but
 for some reason it is not. If I precede that line with a
 `wp_cache_flush()` for some heavyhanded testing it also fixes the problem.

 I'm not sure why the wp_cache_delete in line 1244 does not invalidate the
 cache...but for some reason (at least on my installation) it is not.

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