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#5434: Improvements to object caching in bp-activity
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Comment (by aaclayton):

 Hey boonebgorges, thanks for your work on this. I think it might still
 need a bit of refining though. I'm trying out the trunk version (as of 5pm
 EST on 3/4) and I'm still having activity comments being cached
 improperly. When I post a new activity comment BuddyPress is still not
 deleting the cached object for the activity.

 This occurs both on parent activities that are childless and those which
 already have child comments. I've verified the bug using both Memcached
 object cache and verious object caching methods in W3TC.

 I'll see if I can figure out where the issue is, but you've had more of an
 eye on this ticket than myself. Just wanted to give you a heads up that
 I'm still experiencing failure to invalidate activity comment caching.

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