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#3856: Saving activity update action as an array in db
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > Something happened 3 minutes ago :)

 Ah yes. So, what I meant to do (but I see now that I didn't fully
 implement) was this: When an activity item is created, store the generated
 action test as a string in the 'action' field. (Like we currently do.) On
 output, try to generate the action string dynamically. But if this fails,
 use the literal action string as a fallback. I forgot to do this last part
 :) I think that's better than trying to remove stuff from the activity
 stream, at least for now. (It may or may not be a good idea not to show
 activity items from components that have been deactivated, but I don't
 think we should make the decision based on technical limitations of this

 > I thought it wasn't necessary to create an activity_meta in case the
 action_data was an empty array. So i've added a check

 Excellent. I meant to do this myself.

 >  Because $action is always set, if not passed in arguments to
 bp_activity_add() then it defaults to '' so the
 bp_activity_generate_action_string( $activity ) part is never played and
 as a result activity_update and joined_group has a blank action in
 activity table.

 For backward compatibility. On the day that 2.0 launches, it's likely that
 most plugins (like, say, BuddyPress Docs) will not have updated to the new
 callback method. We still want to support recording a literal 'action'
 string in the database. The logic in the patch might be incorrect (I need
 to write some unit tests ;) ) but we do need to do something like this. I
 think your `empty()` modification might fix it.

 > So plugin developer will begin to use bp_activity_set_action() to
 register their activities, may be we can also improve the templates
 (activity/index, members/single/activity & groups/single/activity) to make
 this use avoids them to hook the "filter" actions.

 I'm not sure I understand this. Can you give an example?

 > And why not carry on by only displaying activities for the active

 This is an interesting idea, but as I suggest above, I think it's a
 separate issue and we should discuss in a different ticket.

 Thanks very much for the feedback! I think this will make a huge
 difference for international and multi-lingual communities.

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