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#3460: Support custom post types in activity stream
 Reporter:  boonebgorges           |       Owner:  boonebgorges
     Type:  enhancement            |      Status:  new
 Priority:  low                    |   Milestone:  Future Release
Component:  Activity               |     Version:  1.2.8
 Severity:  normal                 |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  2nd-opinion has-patch  |

Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > So if callback functions are to be used, i agree it's no more possible
 to "catch" post types as it would be almost impossible (very very hard!)
 to get the domain of plugin/theme that creates the post type. (Too bad
 i've just thought of using transient in conjonction with a hook on

 I should be clear that I don't think #3856 will make this ticket
 impossible. Only that I think that #3856 should be done before we come up
 with final solutions here. I'm thinking that, for custom post types, we
 can provide a generic fallback callback function. Something like:

 function bp_activity_format_activity_action_generic_new_post( $activity )
     $post = get_post( $activity->secondary_item_id );
     $label => $wp_post_types[ $post->post_type ]->labels->singular_name;
     return sprintf( __( '%s posted a new %s', 'buddypress' ), $user_link,
 $label );

 This is similar to what you've already set up in your patch. If by
 "domain" you mean "textdomain", I don't think we need to worry about
 getting it out of the plugin. We will use our own textdomain for the
 default string. Plugin authors will be able to override it with their own
 string by registering their own callback (ie by not using ours).

 So, I think the direction that we need to move in is providing an API for
 plugin authors to opt into tracking by BuddyPress. They'll be able to opt
 in minimally, and we can provide our fallback activity action strings. Or
 they can opt in and override some of our fallbacks for a more customized

 imath, I'm planning to dig deeper into your patch very soon. I think that
 much of it is on the right track and can be used. But I think that the
 critical bit will be to establish easier ways for plugin authors to
 announce to BP that they want to be included in the activity stream, and
 this is something that should probably wait until #3856 has been decided

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