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#5819: `bp_user_blogs` table improvements (or deletion)
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 Priority:  normal           |   Milestone:  2.2
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 bp-blogs also handles activity stream syncing with blog activity. But yes,
 I take your point about its limited utility.

 I don't think that the point about persistent cache is an insignificant
 one. I'd have to look at the internals and run some benchmarks to be sure,
 but I'd wager that *without* a persistent cache, the core functions for
 getting user blog information are very, very slow when compared to
 BuddyPress's. Perhaps this alone doesn't make it worthwhile for BP to
 duplicate the information in wp_bp_user_blogs, but it does at least make
 blog listing feasible for (cacheless) sites where otherwise it simply
 would not be practical. And while I definitely like the idea of passing
 ideas upstream to WP where possible, it's unlikely that this problem could
 be solved in WP without moving all of the data out of wp_usermeta and into
 a separate table like wp_bp_user_blogs. I'm not holding my breath on that.

 Let's definitely talk more about other improvements that could trickle
 into bp-blogs. Improved group-blog connections (see the bp-groupblog
 plugin) are one idea.

 As for the network_id column: I dislike the idea of duplicating data that
 is stored elsewhere (in this case in wp_blogs) but I guess we're doing
 that already anyway. We just need to be sure to have the necessary logic
 in place to ensure that the value is updated when wp_blogs:site_id is
 updated, and vice versa. This will entail writing thorough unit tests.

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