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#3912: Messages trash
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I agree that messages are probably the BP component best suited for CPTs.
 The issues standing in the way are:

 - Messages are sorted into threads. We'd have to describe a CPT-oriented
 ontology for this. (Messages and Threads as separate CPTS, like in
 bbPress; Messages as a CPT, and Threads as some sort of tax term; Threads
 as CPTs and Messages as post comments; etc.) Needs a good amount of
 research and discussion.
 - A data migration script would need to be written.
 - Much of the bp-messages API functions (such as template tags) would need
 to be rewritten to point to the new data structures.
 - Backward-compatibility would have to be maintained at some level.

 So, lots of work. If someone were to step forward with a proof-of-concept,
 I'd love to look at it. But as it stands, it's a huge amount of work for
 relatively modest benefits (ie, inheriting the Trash functionality).

 If this is just about a Messages Trash, it'll be much quicker to simply
 write this feature on top of the existing data schema, rather than
 migrating to CPTs.

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