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#5251: Notifications component minor issues in 1.9 beta 1
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 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  2.0
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Comment (by henrywright):

 Another observation is where single notifications are linked to.

 Take private message notifications as an example.

 1. Clicking on {{{You have 1 new message from Henry Wright}}} will take
 the user to the messages inbox {{{/members/username/messages/}}}.

 This would be the most appropriate place to link to if the notification
 was for multiple private messages received e.g. linking {{{You have 6 new
 messages}}} to the messages inbox makes sense. However, for single
 notifications such as {{{You have 1 new message from Henry Wright}}} the
 link would be better if it took the user to the actual message thread e.g.

 The same goes for @-mentions. Currently a single @-mention notification is
 linked to the activity mentions page
 {{{/members/username/activity/mentions}}}. Would a better place to link to
 in this situation be the actual post or comment?

 My attempt at a solution would be to change the {{{$at_mention_link}}}
 variable in {{{bp_activity_format_notifications()}}} to something like:

 $activity = bp_activity_get_specific( array( 'activity_ids' =>
 $activity_id ) );
 $activity = $activity['activities'][0];
 $at_mention_link = $activity->primary_link;

 The problem with this approach is that notifications are not cleared from
 the unread list after they've been clicked. It seems only a manual click
 on 'Read' or a manual visit to the
 {{{/members/username/activity/mentions/}}} page clears the @-mention
 notification from the unread list.

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