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#5250: bp_send_message_button() doesn't get member id in members-loop.php
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 This is expected behavior, though not very well documented.

 `bp_send_message_button()` uses `bp_get_send_private_message_link()` to
 create its URL. That function, in turn, uses `bp_displayed_user_id()` to
 determine the ID of the "destination" user. On member profile pages - ie
 when using member-header.php - the "displayed user" is defined. But there
 is no single "displayed user" when you're in the loop on the members

 This is part of a larger pattern in BuddyPress: we have functions that are
 intended for use in loops, and those that are intended for use on single-
 item pages.

 In this specific case, I don't think BP has a function for doing exactly
 what you're trying to do. So, I'd suggest creating your own. Just copy the
 content of `bp_send_message_button()` into your theme, change its name,
 and then change the way that the 'link_href' param is determined: use the
 logic from `bp_get_send_private_message_link()`, but use
 `bp_get_member_user_id()` instead of `bp_displayed_user_id()` (the former
 is the loop function for getting the ID of the current user).

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