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#5251: Notifications component minor issues in 1.9 beta 1
 Reporter:  henrywright   |      Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
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 I've come across the following minor issues after testing the new
 notifications component (in BP 1.9 Beta 1)

 1. Visiting your own notifications page {{{members/my-
 username/notifications/}}} is allowed yet viewing another member's
 notifications page isn't {{{members/their-username/notifications/}}}. With
 this in mind, should the 'Notifications' navigation tab be shown when
 viewing a member's profile page {{{members/their-username/}}}? Currently
 it is. Might be worth hiding it in the same way as Settings and Messages
 are hidden.

 2. When an @-mention is made in a blog post or blog post comment, no
 notification is created. My understanding is @-mentions notify the
 mentioned member only if the @-mention is in the first sentence (the
 excerpt) of the text. For me, in 1.9 beta 1, @-mentions do not trigger BP
 core notifications or emails regardless of where the @-mention appears in
 the blog post or comment text.

 3. Using messages notiications as an example, when a notification is
 clicked on the notifications screen and the member is taken to their
 message inbox, the notifications count next to the notifications
 navigation tab isn't updated. Only once the user navigates away from the
 inbox does the count update to reflect that the notification has been
 read. i.e. decrease by 1.

 4. On deleting a notification, should the member be promoted that there is
 no way back? Using BP whilst on my tablet is particularly tricky and
 sometimes I tap in the wrong area. This could result in notifications
 being deleted unintentionally.

 Aside from these minor issues, it seems to work great - entirely as
 intended and expected. I hope this helps

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