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Fri Nov 15 09:54:09 UTC 2013

#5185: BP Signup - spaces in username issue
 Reporter:  hnla                            |       Owner:  boonebgorges
     Type:  enhancement                     |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal                          |   Milestone:  1.9
Component:  Core                            |     Version:
 Severity:  normal                          |  Resolution:  fixed
 Keywords:  has-patch needs-testing commit  |

Comment (by hnla):

 Ah ok.

 Yes testing on a child theme, yes had overloaded templates, but those were
 unedited/unchanged templates.
 Changed to twentythirteen and @mention is  hyphenated in screen display
 when running 'BP_ENABLE_USERNAME_COMPATIBILITY_MODE' so all is good.

 Problem is though that we have gone and swapped out a template tag for a
 new one 'bp_displayed_user_mentionname()' so that was why I saw the issue,
 I guess this is a good example of where if possible template tags need to
 be very generic e.g. 'bp_displayed_at_mention()' and changes fed into that
 from the core to prevent users having to edit their overloaded template

 On a sidenote: noticed that checking the  5185-02 patch showed a previous
 version of the members-header template before that new template tag was
 introduced so guess that was committed after patch put up?

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