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#5241: $post object doesn't seem to be an object
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 > : I've been doing some investigation and can see an is_singular() check
 is being used around the code attempting to get the $post property.
 is_page() seems to return true for the change-avatar and private message
 pages (where there notices are displayed) but the $post variable seems to
 be null here. Could this be the reason why toys are being thrown out of
 the push buggy?

 Thanks for the additional investigation. This is related to the fact that
 you're using a bp-default descendant. In a nutshell: Because BP content is
 not WP content, it's not found by WP's initial parse_request() -> query
 chain. So there is a portion of the load process where WP thinks that
 requests for BP content are 404s. BP manually unsets this 404 before
 loading its template, and where/how this happens depends on whether you're
 using theme compat. The pre-theme-compat switch happens here
 catchuri.php#L378. We manually flip is_page and is_singular to true, as
 well as turning off the 404. But we don't do anything to the `$post`

 In contrast, theme compat fakes the entire content of a "dummy" post. See
 members-screens.php#L407. So if you switch to a theme that utilizes theme
 compat, the notices should go away.

 (FWIW, I switched to bp-default to test and I *still* didn't see the
 notices. So this is mostly an educated guess.)

 Given that the old method is being abandoned, and given that the notices
 shouldn't actually cause any real problems (aside from some non-optimized
 robots/meta tags in wordpress-seo), I'm going to close this as wontfix. My
 apologies to the wordpress-seo devs for the inconvenience - this issue
 will disappear as people stop using the old BP themes.

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