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#4500: Ajax loading doesn't refresh JS onload
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Comment (by vhauri):

 Unless BP turns off the fact that ajax in jQuery is global, you can
 actually accomplish this hook without code modifications. If you hook your
 method to the jQuery.ajaxComplete() function, you'll get access to the url
 as a property of the third function param. This means you can check each
 completed ajax request on the page, test the URL for a match, and if it
 matches, run your ajax knowing that new content, etc. was just loaded via
 ajax. You also get the XMLHttpRequest object as the second param, so you
 can confirm success, etc. before firing your custom actions.

 Check out more info here: http://api.jquery.com/ajaxComplete

 That being said, what I just suggested above is all kinds of a hack, and
 it would be awesome to replace that with published events.

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