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#5108: PHP 5.4+ strict standards warnings
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 We don't need them, but it's possible that existing plugins are calling

 I didn't see such direct calling, but ok, perhaps someone does this...


 Backward compatibility is the WordPress way.

 Even when users are suffering because more server resources needed to
 handle exact the same amount of traffic? Lets write even more unused code.
 Perhaps we should make even the very first unupdated for years plugins
 work properly on the latest WP version? Everything should have its end.

 WordPress defined minimum requirements. It won't work on earlier PHP
 versions. So in this case one individual plugin's working or not working
 state is nothing - the whole engine will produce errors.

 So, supporting BuddyPress-dependent plugins that relies on BuddyPress that
 relies on WordPress that relies on PHP 5.2.4. I don't see the logic to
 support PHP 4 for those plugins.


 I absolutely understand your position and can even understand Automattic
 position (hey, I'm a developer too!), but I strongly disagree that
 developers should write legacy code that *might* be used by some
 developers. Old plugins will anyway break, because of lots of other
 things, but new one will 100% use the right logic and way to init that
 same {{{BP_Groups_Widget}}} class.

 P.S. And I do not want offend you or whatever negative feeling you might
 get after my words, I do appreciate your work and code. Sorry if in some
 words I was not very polite. I just disagree with some particular things.

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