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#4607: buddypress not counting my posts in my profile
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 It's hard to be 100% sure what's going on from what you've posted, but it
 looks to me like you are looking at the tabs related to the bbPress 1.x
 Discussion Forums component, but the forum posts you're talking about are
 from bbPress 2.x.

 If I'm wrong about this, and your Topics Started page is actually
 associated with bbPress 2.x, then it's probably a function of the fact
 that your bbPress forums are on a separate site in the network. There's no
 way for BuddyPress to be able to determine automatically that this is the
 case. In addition to r-a-y's suggestion, you might try un-network-
 activating *bbPress*, which will at least remove the 'Topics Started' and
 'Topics Replied' tabs. Alternatively, if you would like the topics to show
 up, you'll have to write some custom code that uses `switch_to_blog( 3 )`
 before the forum content is fetched, and then `restore_current_blog()`

 I'm closing this ticket as invalid because it looks like a config issue
 (albeit a complex one). if it turns out that there's actually a BP bug
 here, please reopen and we can discuss.

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