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#4831: BP bases site data/activity entries on WP search engine instructions
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 >  If it's mooted that it is not the best approach why is it being used,
 why indeed is there the notion of privacy attempted when it's based on a
 setting that I would hazard a guess few site owner/users are aware of

 I've always understood the logic thus: If your blog posts are sent to the
 network activity feed, they will be indexed by Google (assuming that your
 BP_ROOT_BLOG is open to crawlers). So, if you have actively marked your
 blog as no-robots, then it follows that you wouldn't want your content
 crawled on the activity stream either.

 I agree that it's perhaps not the ideal setup, but simply reverting it
 could be even worse. Right now, the worst that happens is that some
 activity doesn't get recorded - annoying. If we ignored the blog_public
 setting, on the other hand, the worst that could happen is that people
 would unwittingly have what they thought were "private" blog entries
 showing up in search engines. This, IMO, is more than annoying: it's a

 >  we don't explicitly offer the option, we don't say "check this box it
 will remove blog activity from the stream"

 At a very minimum, we should filter the text on Settings > Privacy (or
 supercede it - I can't remember how filterable it is) to say "Please note
 that this setting will prevent your blog posts from appearing in the
 sitewide activity stream." Or perhaps we could add a whole other section
 to the Settings > Privacy screen, along the lines of:

 Activity Settings

 [x] I would like posts and comments from my blog to appear in the sitewide
 activity stream
 [x] I would not like....

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