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#4828: Default setups that demonstrating the full scope of BP
 Reporter:  design-marc    |      Owner:  design-marc
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 Hi all

 I'm really eager to develop a range of bare-bones 'default setups' for BP
 which would enable developers to quickly launch projects from a pre-
 defined list of potential applications such as:

  - default
  - social
  - corporate intranet
  - dating
  - academic
  - niche interest communities
  - project management
  - etc.

 Each 'default setup' would include a bespoke front-end theme with the
 appropriate functionality, plugins, labels and site structure already
 setup and filled out with niche specific demo data / images to demonstrate
 it's real life usage.

 I'm happy to tackle everything on the front-end side from initial design
 concepts, artwork and illustration through to the slicing and dicing but I
 will need the guidance / involvement of a friendly coder to make this all

 Ideally someone that is:

  - already familiar with buddyPress / wordPress / template mods
  - able to create corresponding CSS to make my designs work on page
  - able to make template changes/tweaks if required
  - able to suggest plugins or work-around's to achieve particular usage

 Back-end wise there would be no changes to buddyPress itself although it
 would of course be nice to add a 'default setup selector' to the admin as
 part of the BP config process after install ;)

 Anyway, hope that raises someones interest and thanks for reading.


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